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Moving Boxes

15th of February, 2021

Moving house in Edinburgh? We can supply you with all the moving boxes and packing supplies you'll need. We are cheaper than other local suppliers and offer free local delivery within Edinburgh.

We have the following boxes and packing supplies in stock, please contact us for prices:

  • Moving boxes - Large and Small
  • Wardrobe boxes with plastic hanging rail
  • Bubble wrap (large and small bubbles)
  • Parcel tape
  • Wrapping paper / packing paper

Free delivery available within Edinburgh.

Moving box sizes:

Large: 500 x 500 x 457mm (19.5 x 19.5 x 18") 
for pictures, cushions, kitchenware, toys, electrical equipment, china/glasswear, lamps and shades

Small: 457 x 330 x 330mm (18 x 13 x 13")
for paperwork, books, CDs / DVDs, heavy items, tinned food, breakables

Wardrobe boxes
508 x 457 x 1245mm (18 x 20 x 48")
'very large' size. These have a strong plastic hanging rail for clothes. Ideal for Removals, Storage and Home use

We can also provide specialist furniture protection products such as:

  • Sofa covers
  • Mattress bags
    - these are vital to protect your soft furnishings from wet weather damage - something to consider if you are planning a self move
  • Furniguard export wrap - a specially sourced removal material, useful for example if you are export wrapping a bespoke piece of furniture to send overseas

How many moving boxes will I need to move house?

In our experience, we find that the average Edinburgh household needs around 100 moving boxes to pack all their belongings. Roughly 50-60 small boxes and 40 large boxes.

This may seem more than you'd imagine. Don't forget that you'll need space for packing materials such as bubble wrap or newspaper inside each box. This greatly reduces the amount of space available. 

Also bear in mind that packing boxes can get heavy with just a few household items inside. It is usually easier to lift and carry several smaller boxes than it is to move one large, very heavy box.

To estimate how many boxes will be required for your move, start by looking around your home and taking notes. Count how many kitchen cabinets you have. We normally estimate 2 packing boxes per cabinet. Do the same in your living room, bedroom etc. 

Read our tips for packing for your house move here.

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Packing the contents of chests of drawers, cupboards etc

If you are moving house by yourself you will probably want to empty chests of drawers and cupboards etc before you try to lift them. These are heavy, bulky pieces of furniture when they are empty. When you also add on the weight of clothes, books and ornaments etc you start o risk injuring yourself or your helpers. 

Because of the weight, it is best to empty your drawers and cupboards into boxes before moving. 

As professional movers we can often save you the trouble of emptying cupboards and drawers, and all the extra packing that entails. We have some strong lads (and lassies) in our team, along with specialist moving equipment. This allows us to move large items of furniture fully laden.

If you are thinking of moving house by yourself then we recommend taking into account the extra time you will spend packing and unpacking. 

Declutter as you go

There is one big advantage to packing your own belongings before a house move. Which is that you will almost certainly declutter as you go. It's amazing how much stuff we collect. What better time for clear out than moving house! Why not take advantage of this opportunity for a fresh start. You'll save time and effort, and maybe even make a few pennies by selling things on eBay or Gumtree!

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