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Piano Movers Edinburgh

26th of October, 2021

Piano removals require care, heavy lifting and specialist equipment. Don't risk damaging your piano or getting an injury. Call in the experts today

Blackhall Moving and Storage offer a complete piano removals service in Edinburgh. Our fully trained staff have all the experience and specialist equipment needed to move a piano safely. We can move any size of piano including upright piano, grand piano or baby piano. You can rely on us to deliver your piano to your destination in Edinburgh, or anywhere in the UK. We also offer secure containerised storage facility.

How to move a piano

Pianos are very bulky, heavy and also fragile musical instruments. For this reason, forward planning is essential when moving a piano. Obstacles such as stairs, doorways and tight corners can pose a problem so it is best to plan a suitable route from your piano's current position to its destination. 

We use a 4 person crew when moving a piano. All our staff are fully trained and your move will be supervised by our piano specialist who has over 30+ years experience of this type of removal. In addition to this we always use specialist piano moving tools, such as a piano shoe and piano barrow.

A piano shoe is a type of protective platform which gets placed under the piano. This supports the instrument while we move it on the barrow. We will take extra care if you have wooden floors which could accidentally get scratched. Our removal team always arrive with a wide selection of professional protective materials to make use of. Materials such as carpet and door protectors, and removal blankets are essential for avoiding any dents, dings and scratches around your home.

upright piano stored in the middle of storage container

The photo above shows an upright piano in the middle of our storage container - this keeps the container balanced when we lift it with a forklift truck

In extreme cases we can arrange for glaziers to remove windows, and a specialist crane company to lift your piano from upper floors. We regularly work with joiners and all sorts of professionals who can take furniture and fittings apart, and reassemble them. Trust us - if your piano got 'in', we will get it 'out'!

If you are planning on moving a piano in Edinburgh, please give us a call for some great advice and a free quotation. Call us on 0131 235 2525 today!