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Storage Edinburgh

Containerised storage, packed by professionals can save you space, time and money

To compliment our Edinburgh removal service, Blackhall Moving and Storage provide low cost, high security furniture storage in our Edinburgh storage facility. Our containerised storage is very cost effective and there is no long-term commitment.

Reasons you might want to put your items into storage:

  • Moving house and downsizing to a smaller property
  • You want to declutter your house to put it on the market
  • Moving house and you want to take some time to decide what furniture goes where in your new home
  • Renovations or decorating. Make room for builders and keep furniture safe from damage
  • A change in family circumstances. For example a baby on the way, bereavement or relationship breakdown
  • Facing a delay moving into your new house because of a property chain or other reason
  • You may have simply run out of space!

In all of these situations, Blackhall Moving and Storage are here to help.

How our storage service works

We will come to you. Our team will carefully pack and wrap your furniture and other items at your home or business. We then load your items directly into our purpose built furniture storage containers. These storage containers are large, walk-in wooden containers which fit perfectly into our removal vans. They are clean, dry and secure.

The containers are then transported to our Edinburgh storage warehouse, where we lift them off the removal van using a forklift truck. Here they will be stored, untouched, until you are ready for redelivery.

We’ll make a detailed inventory of what is in each container. Each container is sealed and won’t be opened again until you are ready to unpack.

If you prefer to pack boxes yourself, we can provide you with all the free boxes and packing materials you need.

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What is containerised storage?

Containerised storage is a very efficient and secure way of storing your furniture and possessions. We use two different sizes of wooden containers which can be lifted by forklift directly onto our removal vans. Because these containers are expertly packed by our removals team, every spare inch of space is used therefore keeping your weekly or monthly costs down to minimum.

Our storage containers are large enough to hold mattresses, sofas, tables, even pianos! Smaller items are usually wrapped in paper or bubble wrap and kept in removal boxes. The boxes can be stacked tightly from floor to ceiling within the container.

storage container being loaded with furniture on our removal van

How secure are storage containers?

Wooden storage containers are very secure. Once packed the container is locked shut. A security seal is put on the door and this is not removed until redelivery, for your peace of mind. A paper copy is given to you for your own records and a scanned electronic copy is kept in our secure records.

We then transport your container directly to our secure warehouse in Edinburgh. Once unloaded you will benefit from 24 hour CCTV along with permanently monitored fire and intruder security systems. You can rest assured that nobody will be able to access the contents of your container.

What if my items get damaged in storage?

They won’t. We take the utmost care of all your items. Everything which is not in a box will be wrapped using removal blankets and sofa covers etc. This prevents damage such as scrapes or dents. We use our expertise to carefully stack everything tightly within the container. Everything is secured in place so that nothing can move during transit.

Nothing is left exposed to the elements such as condensation and dust etc – this is a big advantage over self storage units. Additionally, since everything is loaded straight into the container, there is no double handling during uplift and unloading, which minimises the possibility of damage.

In the extremely unlikely that something goes wrong, everything is covered by our comprehensive insurance – please ask for details.

furniture wrapped in removal blankets, stacked with boxes inside storage container

What if something is too big for the container?

We’ll measure any particularly large items and make sure we send the correct sized container. However, occasionally not everything will fit within the dimensions of our warehouse containers; for example ladders, long lengths of timber, carpets and large rugs etc. Don’t worry though because we have areas set aside for securely storing oversized items. We will even look after your garden pots and shrubs if necessary for short periods of time.

Upright piano fitting comfortably inside storage container

Containerised vs Self Storage – what is the difference?

We offer professional containerised storage. This differs from self-storage in many ways and in most cases we believe containerised storage is much better suited to storing furniture. With self storage you pay to rent an empty space which can be a room, a locker, a shipping container etc.

It is then up to you to load and unload all your items. Although this appears to be inexpensive and flexible, in reality it can end up being labour intensive and quite inefficient.

The benefits of container storage over self-storage are:

  • Pay for less space as everything is professionally packed and stacked
  • Minimal handling, with less chance of damage
  • Cost effective as goods only have to be loaded once and unloaded once
  • Sole occupancy, no chance of mixing up your items with other stored items
  • All furniture professionally wrapped to prevent scrapes and dents
  • Less risk of condensation, dust and vermin
  • We’ll create a detailed inventory so you know where everything is

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forklift unloading container from our removal van