Storage Edinburgh

To compliment our Edinburgh removal service, we can provide high security, low cost storage with no long-term commitment, in clean, dry, purpose built storage containers. These containers are housed within a modern, insulated warehouse with 24 hour CCTV, fire and intruder security systems monitored 24/7.

We fork lift the storage containers onto our specially designed Edinburgh removal vehicles which are driven to your address for loading. All the containers are provided with removal blankets to protect your furniture in transit. We use 4 ply paper covers for sofa and armchairs these are designed for maximum protection against damage and dirt during storage and are recommended for high quality sofas, preventing moisture build up. Mattresses will go into strong plastic mattress bags to protect also. We also supply cardboard garments carriers for any hanging clothes again these come as standard with any storage move.

A detailed inventory is made of what goes into each container once filled the door is secured and a security seal is put on door this is not removed until redelivery for your peace of mind. A paper copy given to you for your own records and a scanned electronic copy kept in our secure records.

Our vehicle then drives back to the warehouse to be unloaded were the containers are removed by forklift. Your container or containers will remain in store untouched, ready for the day of your removal in Edinburgh.

The benefits of container storage over self-storage are:

  • Minimal handling, with less chance of damage
  • Cost effective as goods only have to be loaded once and unloaded once
  • Sole occupancy, no mix up with other stored items
  • Dust and vermin free storage

Not everything will fit within the dimensions of our warehouse containers so we have areas set aside for storing items such as ladders, long lengths of timber, carpets and large rugs etc. We will even look after your garden pots and shrubs if necessary for short periods of time.