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FAQ – Removals help and advice

Moving house? Find answers to the most frequently asked questions

Moving house can seem daunting, but don’t worry we are with you every step of the way. To help plan your move, we have made a list of some of the questions customers often ask about moving house, and the removals process.

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Planning your move

When to book a removal company
To ensure a smooth and efficient move, it's best to book your removal as soon as you know your moving date. This allows us to secure the right size of vehicle and the correct number of crew members needed. We understand that exact dates might not always be available, so feel free to get in touch even if your plans are not final. We can discuss preliminary arrangements such as vehicle selection and packing. A free, no-obligation quote is available at any time to help you budget for your move. Each removal is unique, so we'll need to assess your property, its location, access, and the volume of belongings to provide an accurate estimate. Ideally, a 4-6 weeks notice is preferred, but we accommodate shorter timelines to fit real-life scenarios.

When do I need to pay the removal company?
For payments to Blackhall Removals, the process is straightforward and in line with industry standards. We'll send your invoice via email about 10 days to a week before your move. To secure our services, we ask for payment through BACS, which should be completed either the day before or by the end of your moving day. This approach ensures everything is settled in a timely manner, allowing for a smooth moving experience.

Do removal companies work on Saturdays?
Yes, Blackhall Removals are available for moves on Saturdays and Sundays, as we understand that weekends can be the most convenient time for our clients. Please note, weekend moves involve a modest extra fee, as they fall outside our regular working days. This ensures we can provide the same high-quality service any day of the week.

What is a Part Load?
A part load is where your belongings share space in a removal van with items from other customers. It's an economical option for smaller moves or when transporting a few items, as costs are shared among clients using the same van on a similar route. Find out more about part load removals.

Do you provide furniture storage?
Yes we provide temporary and long term storage for anyone moving house. Please see our storage page for more info.

Packing for moving house

How many boxes do I need to move?
The average household in Edinburgh needs around 100 moving boxes to pack all their belongings. Roughly 50-60 small boxes and 40 large boxes. Find out more in our blog post about packing to move house.

Do you supply packing boxes, tape and packing materials?
Yes, we provide all the moving boxes you need free of charge, as well as packing materials such as tape, packaging paper and bubble wrap at an additional cost. These will be delivered free for removals Edinburgh and the Lothians. Once you have completed your unpacking at your own pace, we will arrange a FREE uplift. All our packing materials are recyclable. Cardboard clothes carrying boxes come in the removal van on the day of your move.

Do you offer a packing service?
Yes, we offer a flexible removal packing service tailored to your needs. Whether you require comprehensive packing of all items or just need assistance with safely wrapping breakables, we can accommodate. Our packing is typically completed the day before your move, ensuring a stress-free process. Our highly experienced team uses recyclable materials and brings all necessary boxes and packing supplies to you, ensuring everything is securely packed for your move.

Do you provide covers for my soft furnishings during removal?
Yes, we do. Sofas and armchairs will travel in specialist sofa removal bags. We carry a range of different sizes. We also supply mattress bags on the day of your move. Larger items will be securely wrapped in removal blankets and other specialised padded removal blankets on the day.


Do removal companies dismantle beds?
Absolutely, our team efficiently disassembles and reassembles beds, ensuring your move is seamless. Simple bed frames requiring just an Allen key are handled free of charge. For more complex furniture like wardrobes or cots, we offer these services at a per-item fee. Let our estimator know your specific requirements, whether it's taking apart a basic bed or more elaborate furniture, so we can tailor our services to your needs.

Do removal companies dismantle furniture?
Yes we can. For example if your sofa is too big to fit through the door, our team can usually remove parts like arms or feet to make it fit. For very bulky sofas, we can take them apart and put them back together in your new home. In rare cases, we might need to take out a window or use a crane, but we'll plan this with you and talk about any extra costs. Our crew is experienced in solving these kinds of problems.

Do you need to empty drawers when moving?
For a smoother move, you can leave items in your chest of drawers, but we advise removing valuables or fragile items to pack them separately for safety. Clothes can remain on hangers in wardrobes. On moving day, our team will carefully transfer your hanging garments into cardboard wardrobe boxes, which have a strong plastic hanging rail for clothes ensuring everything stays organised and protected.

Do you supply floor coverings and carpet runners?
Absolutely! We take great care not to damage your carpets and doorways. We always use carpet protectors and door frame protectors to avoid damaging your property.

Do I need insurance for moving house?
Our removals service provides comprehensive insurance coverage for your peace of mind. We include Goods in Transit insurance, offering up to £50k cover for your possessions, which is generally sufficient for most clients. Additionally, while your items are in storage, they are covered up to £3,000 per container. Please note, all customers must complete a declaration of insurance before their removal day. For those requiring extra coverage, we offer additional moving home insurance options—feel free to inquire for more details.

What size removal van do I need?
For a 1 or 2 bedroom flat, our smaller Luton van is normally big enough. For a larger detached house, you may require one of our larger removal lorries. Once we have visited your property or carried out a video survey, we can decide on what vehicle is required for your size of removal. You can also try our removals quote tool for an estimate.

Can you help moving heavy furniture in my house?
Yes, we can. Maybe you are changing the layout of your house, or simply need help moving heavy furniture from one room to another. Or you may be moving from one flat to another in the same building. In any of these cases we can help you with the heavy lifting and storage units.

Do you offer a disposal service?
Yes, we can dispose of your unwanted or bulky items. However, there is an additional charge for this service as we are a commercial company and are charged accordingly for disposing of goods.

Do you move safes?
Yes, we do. Safe removals sometimes require the hire of a small crane. We can assess the move and let you know what is required to ensure the health and safety of our staff.

Do I need to be at the house when the move takes place?
We recommend where possible to at least meet and greet your crew on removal day. However you don't have to be present all day - you will no doubt have many other jobs to take care of! We remind you that it is your responsibility to ensure that the property you are vacating is completely cleared when we are ready to go.

What time will the removals team arrive?
Our approximate arrival time is 8.30am for morning or all-day removals. If you book an afternoon removal slot, we will arrive between 1-2pm. Your removal quotation will state our expected arrival times. Vicki at the office will liaise with you by email and/or telephone at least the day prior to our crews arrival. You can also get updates on your crew's progress on your moving day.

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